About Us

Incorporated since 2003, Arah Tenang Sdn Bhd (ATSB) has been a private limited held company.

Arah Tenang is currently focusing in Medical & Healthcare Industry especially in Orthopedics discipline.

Arah Tenang works with respected medical professionals, patients and caregivers by providing the best quality, reduce health-care cost, and improve people’s lifestyle to all person who utilize our products and services.

Arah Tenang is registered with the Malaysia Ministry of Finance (MOF) and approved Bumiputera company under several supplied headings namely “Peralatan/Kelengkapan Perubatan” (Equipment / Medical Items) and “Peralatan Pakai Buang’ (Disposable). This registration enables VME to participate in any of government requests for quotation (RFQ) exercise for purchase and requisition of medical items for government hospital.